Which one is better? #lego

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The Collector #lego

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Did you get yours yet? #lego

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Review live on SDCC Rocket’s Warbird

18 hours ago

My little man already loves to build. #lego

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Finally have all pieces for building our latest product. Can you guess what? #lego

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At a friends birthday, what a cake! #lego

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The LEGO Polar Pack is killa! #lego

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Picture of LEGO Hobbit Lonely Mountain set. $130, fall release. #lego #hobbit

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LEGO unveils Green Lantern vs Sinestro set, $20, January release. #lego

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The SDCC exclusive Batmobile set! #lego

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The LEGO store loves me.

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What i get to build today! #lego #exosuit

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The Ultra Rare HALO Series 9 Figure - Covenant Skirmisher

3 weeks ago

Now that’s a good deal!

3 weeks ago